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CMA is a brain development program designed to develop higher learning capability and aims to promote mental arithmetic, enhance memory, boost creativity, and increase focus using the principle of Abacus.

Classical Mental Arithmetic (CMA) is a learning center that intensively trains in twohand abacus mental arithmetic. CMA was birthed in Taiwan in 1984. Its founder Master Tai Chiang Ching established CMA with the chief aim of putting forward total brain development among its students.Since its inception in the mid 80s, CMA continues to offer a unique teaching system that highlights total brain development. The CMA curriculum has been tested and tried and proven to be a trustworthy method in this area for almost 30 years. Its multimedia-based curriculum is combined with the traditional way of teaching abacus – making CMA the leader in the field of abacus learning.

CMA continues to train and upgrade the skills of its lineup of certified teaching staff and management team. For more than a quarter of a century, CMA has mentored scores of students who are academic achievers as well as top winners in major abacus competitions.

Today, CMA International is one of the world’s fastest growing mental arithmetic training institutions. From its birthplace in Taiwan, CMA has found its way to China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Sudan, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand. CMA continues to grow and enlarge its horizons to more territories across the globe –- helping one child at a time.

In CMA, our goal is to help unleash the genius in every child. Join us as we create great minds together!