Math is exciting! Yes, seriously.

Great people have been using Math – along with Science - in inventing the coolest things of our time despite of stereotypes like Math is boring, scary, and difficult. How did this happen? Somehow, these people found a way of learning Math in a very exciting and creative way just like what we do here in CMA.

Singing, arts, dancing, games, and more physical movements are incorporated in CMA’s math program to harness children’s skills in mental arithmetic and abacus calculation. Multimedia-based learning, two-hand training, relaxation exercise, speed training, response training, listen-and-calculate, and see-and-calculate training are being implemented to guarantee children a creative and exciting experience of solving math problems. All these exciting and advanced techniques are being used along CMA’s abacus training.

Abacus training using two hands and four fingers - a method we implement at CMA - simultaneously stimulates both sides of the child’s brain. The cyclical and repetitive stimulation of the abacus training produces more brain connections - synapses - making your child flex more brain muscles than an average child does. Flexing muscles always produces happy hormones. That explains why children love to manipulate the abacus and achieve fast and accurate calculations. It’s basically like child’s play.

With CMA system, your child’s attitude towards Math can be replaced from fear to love; better than that, your child’s love for Math will definitely go beyond his own competitive zeal.