How can manipulating the abacus develop my child’s creativity?

Most people think that abacus is just for math, but if you’re going to look at the process of solving math problems using the abacus, you’ll discover that it is for creativity as well.

Traditional math education uses the left side of the brain. Here in CMA, we use an Image Abacus when solving math problems. With the regular and continual manipulation of the abacus beads, the nerves in the fingers relay messages to the brain and a virtual abacus is imprinted in the brain. That virtual abacus is what we call Image Abacus.

Image Abacus utilizes the creative right brain in fashioning a visual image of the abacus while the logical left brain in manipulating that virtual abacus. The mental arithmetic exercise is a healthy brain stimulant that synchronizes the use of both the left and the right sides of the brain. It is not merely a tool to improve your child’s math skills, but it challenges the way they think and focus.

CMA is one of the very few institutions in the world that provides this unique kind of training program. The benefits go far beyond the ability to perform math calculations but the exercise and drills help increase cognitive performance – including creativity.

The abacus training helps improve right brain activities and total brain thinking. The training fosters rhythmic coordination between the two sides of the brain. In the process, the brain learns relaxed concentration. Learning the abacus drills and exercises will put your child on the path to becoming a creative thinker.

The CMA training helps your child achieve peak performance when his brain waves are combined with creative inspiration and conscious process thoughts. The frequency of this activity trains your child’s brain to promote high creativity performance.