Two heads are better than one, but here in CMA, we say, “Two sides of the brain, working together are better than one.”

Each brain has two sides - left and right. Most schools today are focused more on developing the functions of the left side brain which are linguistic, scientific, and mathematical. Right side brain functions such as creativity, imagination, and music are sadly left out. To achieve your child’s brain potential, both sides of the brain should be developed. That’s what we call Total Brain Development.

Most successful people have great balance between the two sides of the brain. Scientists believe that the human brain can be shaped and developed to superior levels. Dr. Roger W. Sperry, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1981, has developed the theory of the left brain and right brain. He identified that the both hemispheres of the human brain are each a conscious system and each side is responsible for the different functions of the mind.

Here in CMA, we develop both sides of the brain using an abacus. We teach our students to manipulate the abacus beads using two hands and four fingers to stimulate both sides of the brain. When both sides of your child’s brain are engaged and stimulated together, your child’s overall learning capacity is greatly enhanced. Children can concentrate better and perform complex arithmetic equations faster. Coordination of right and left brain through computations encourages the best possible concrete and abstract learning.

The development of the total brain is the springboard to logic, imagination, creativity, focus, rhythm, reasoning, balance, better comprehension, improved concentration, keen listening skills, improved reading and writing skills, healthy self-confidence and so much more!