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Metro Manila

Valenzuela Center

Numbers… Who among us throughout our lives have not encountered numbers?...We get scared of numbers be it mathematically or financially. We go through our everyday life computing for everything…. Number of days, weeks, years, anniversaries, etc. budgeting, sizing, configuration and just about anything that matters. Continue reading

Ortigas Center

Children with outstanding abilities can be made through CMA - a vital and reliable educational institution dedicated to impart quality learning of abacus and mental arithmetic and so much more. Continue reading

Jupiter-Makati Center

CMA Jupiter Makati was founded by 5 ladies, all moms of kids with ages 10 and below. It all started with a visit to the Franchising Expo on the third quarter of 2013. Amazed by the video showing students from CMA Ortigas doing Mental Arithmetic, Lilybeth Ng signed up her two children for 50% Off each Module which was being offered in the booth. After witnessing the effectiveness of the CMA Program, she asked some friends if they would be interested in getting a franchise and joining her in setting up this business venture. Since this will be the very first branch in Makati, it will hold the responsibility of spreading the word and educating the residents of Makati about CMA. Continue reading

Greenhills Center

It is CMA Greenhills' utmost priority that each and every single child who will enter our doors will have superior education and total brain development. That they will excel within the classroom walls and beyond, to be a cut above the rest. But over and above, it is our endeavor to create a place where children will feel confident, happy, special and cared for. Continue reading

Capitol Hills Center

A chance encounter with CMA during the SMX Franchise Convention in July 2012, led me to enroll my kids in CMA. I was skeptical at first having watched the demo video. My reactions ranged from amazement to disbelief. After all, how can these kids mentally compute at such speed? They must be gifted! Continue reading

Binondo Center

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Alabang Center

The abacus has always attracted us as a means of learning about numbers in a visual way. We became impressed with the way abacus & mental math were taught in CMA & instantly became fans as we saw our own children and students around them flourish & bloom with this method. We are true believers and are only too excited and passionate to share CMA to everyone in the South! Continue reading