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CMA offers its franchisees the permit to organize and run their own CMA Mental Arithmetic Center. The franchisees will have the privilege to be part of an established mental arithmetic education brand backed up with an international business model and a proven track record.

For an affordable minimal investment, CMA offers total commitment and support to its franchisees. CMA upholds its franchisees with a wide-ranging support from a team of professionals who are experienced in CMA’s mental arithmetic learning and management system. CMA assures its franchisees of exemplary customer care and service.

Here are the services that a franchisee can expect from CMA:

Management and Operations

CMA will provide a comprehensive training and assistance in the following:

  • Start-up and pre-opening to help you get started smoothly and quickly

  • Complete operations manual and training in all operational aspects of a CMA center

  • Guidance in classroom design and organization

  • CMA Management system for enrollment, grading, administration, accounting

  • Continuous training of the CMA management – software is regularly updated and upgraded

  • Continuous supply of learning materials and tools

  • Interactive internet communication that links up all CMA branches—for enrollment, inquiries, blogs, events and other marketing programs

  • International exposures through competitions

  • Continuing guidance and assistance on all aspects of the business

  • Training and Development

    CMA will oversee and work closely its franchisees in the following:

  • Professional teachers’ training

  • Curriculum content and implementation guidelines

  • Grand Opening and Marketing

    CMA will properly guide its franchisees in the following:

  • Grand Opening—assistance in the opening event, program and promotions

  • Product and Brand Development—continual research to develop the CMA program as well as maintaining the strength of of the CMA brand

  • Marketing and Promotions—access to professionally-done advertising, promotional and marketing materials including brochures, newspaper advertisements and other PR materials.