CMA System enhances the brain’s memory power by training children to use their creative brain to recall complex words, ideas, and details by using various mnemonic tools.

Memory Power, or commonly known as working memory, is a person’s ability to hold in mind and mentally manipulate information over short periods of time. Most of everyday activities rely on memory power such as following directions from a map, remembering telephone numbers, calculating math problems, and most of all, learning. Memory power plays a crucial role in learning, especially among children.

Capacity of children’s memory power is typically very small and it is a little disturbing because many of the learning activities that children do at school require a lot of work that need memory power such as writing, spelling, and calculating at the same time or following instructions and comprehending sounds at the same time. Children with poor memory power may struggle or worse, fail to properly complete tasks which results to missing the learning benefit of successfully completing an activity. When children fail to successfully complete tasks, their learning rate slows down.

CMA system aims to increase the brain’s memory power capacity by training the children to use their creative right brain to recall complex words, ideas, and details by using various mnemonic tools. The creative right brain plays a crucial role not only in using mnemonic tools, but also in making mnemonic tools itself. Associations are proved to be more effective when images are visualized by the children themselves because associations and images from children reflect their own way of thinking, their own experiences which makes recall easier and faster. Training the creative right brain to be more creative is one of the keys to enhancing memory power.

Mnemonic tools being used in CMA serve the enrichment of the long-term memory by creating and strengthening associations among new and existing objects: reducing demand for the brain’s memory power in recalling meaning of objects and increasing memory power capacity for accomplishing the task at hand.

CMA’s various mnemonic tools not only improves memory power capability but also improves attention, reasoning ability, self control, and most of all, a child’s learning ability.