Business Principle

CMA was set up in 1984 in Taiwan and in a span of almost three decades, the company has established itself as a leader in mental arithmetic education. Today, it has branches in more than 20 countries across the globe, including China, India. Singapore, New Zealand and USA among others. For barely over a year, CMA Philippines now covers four branches in Metro Manila since its inception in 2012.

CMA is an award-winning educational institution with a unique teaching system that highlights total brain development. CMA has a distinctive teaching method with a unique multi-media based learning program that has been trusted and proven through the years.

If you are interested in bringing the CMA experience to the next level, we invite you to read on.

CMA’s 3 Business Principles

1: Always aim for a child’s total brain development.

2: Constantly promote teachers’ training.

3: Always strive for quality service - to children, parents, and partners.

Causing our Business

Demand for supplementary education

There is a great need to equip the country’s next generation to achieve success in academic competitiveness and excellence. This calls for someone to fill that gnawing void.

Results of the 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) show that that the Philippines ranked a dismal 41st in Math and 42nd in Science among 45 countries that joined in the TIMSS for eight-grade students.

Hard Fact 1: The Philippines is in the bottom rung. The Philippines scored a grim 100 plus points lower than Malaysia and 200 plus points lower than Singapore, which ranked first.

Hard Fact 2: For the 25 countries that joined the test among fourth-grade students, the Philippines ranked 23rd in both Math and Science, scoring more than 200 points lower than Singapore, which again ranked first.

Desire for total commitment

Supplementary education is rapidly turning into the most lucrative business sector in the Philippines. This is the best time to set up a business that is geared towards being a positive contribution to society. CMA is a company that champions the educational well-being of the next generation. CMA believes in total commitment in serving the interest of its client above all. With total commitment as its foundation, CMA has risen above as a leading international mental arithmetic education.