How Brain Works

Did you ever wonder how that jelly-like stuff found in between your ears works? Did you ever wonder how it controls your ability to think and feel, hear and see, walk and talk and yes, remember and figure out things? That small soft mass of gray and white matter – all three pounds of it, even controls your breathing.

Did you ever wonder how complex those billions of neurons, each with thousands of connections and pathways work inside the brain?

There are probably many questions about the brain you never thought you’d ask. And perhaps the answers cannot be found here. However, for purposes of learning the benefits of abacus training in brain development, let us try to understand how the brain works in simple layman terms.

The most powerful organ of your body has three main parts:

  • • The cerebrum fills up most of the skull. It is involved in thinking, feeling, remembering and problem solving. It also controls movement.
  • • The cerebellum is under the cerebrum right at the back of your head. It controls balance and coordination.
  • • The brain stem is beneath your cerebrum and found in front of your cerebellum. It connects the brain to the spinal cord and it controls involuntary tasks like breathing, heart rate and digestion.

The largest part is the cerebrum. It has two main cerebral halves – the left and the right.

Each half has sections that controls specific functions. The other half of the wrinkled surface of the brain is linked to particular functions like decision-making and reasoning, forming and storing memory, speech, and interpreting sense of smell, sights and sounds. It generates thoughts, solves problems and makes plans. The other half is linked to other functions like figuring colors, listening to rhythm, conjuring images – creativity, imagination, movement, and daydreaming.

Recent studies have shown that most of us have a dominant side of the brain, which we rely on considerably in our daily functioning.

Do you know that the power to improve the brain can be made possible? Many researches have also shown that brain performance can be significantly improved.

Memory, speed, problem solving, attention, and flexibility – these and other brain functions can be greatly enhanced with proper exercise and training. The brain’s core cognitive functions can get better extensively. Researchers have determined improvements in working memory and attention after giving the brain the proper stimuli.

Scientists have ascertained that the brain can amazingly improve when confronted with new challenges. Certain exercises and brain training have helped increase the effectiveness of the brain’s functions. Constant daily training can lead to dramatic improvements over time. Regular exercise can help improve the brain’s ability to remember things more easily and think faster.

With the right stimuli, one can improve the ability to dynamically improve attention, sharpen memory and processing skills, maintain focus and develop concentration, communicate clearly and think out of the box.

Your brain is the most important and amazing organ in your body. You only have one brain and once it is neglected, unfortunately, it cannot be replaced. But what makes it mind-blowing is it can be spurred on and propelled to improve whenchallenged with suitable stimulus and constant exercise. The brain has a massive remarkable potential – waiting to be unleashed.

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