How CMA Works

Why flex just one side of the brain when you can use both sides at the same time? CMA’s unique two-hand and four-finger methodology in abacus training helps the students achieve total brain development. This is what makes the CMA method one of a kind.

CMA has taken the benefits of abacus arithmetic one notch higher. The use of two hands in manipulating the abacus synchronizes the students’ right and left sides of the brain.

Here’s how it happens. First, the basics of abacus are taught to the students. Then visualization training follows. This allows him to perform mental calculations by imagining an image of the abacus in his brain, and manipulating the beads as though he was holding the abacus in his hands.

The conventional way of learning arithmetic employs the logical left side of the brain. However, conjuring the image of the abacus allows the creative right side of the brain to create a visual of the abacus. The logical left brain then manipulates the virtual abacus. This exceptional CMA method requires the use of both the left and rights sides of the brain when performing mental calculations.

CMA promotes the use of two hands in Mental Arithmetic. Researchers have discovered that if both the right and left sides of the brain are stimulated together, the balanced growth of the brain will help boost your child’s intelligence, enhance his ability to calculate complicated arithmetic problems, enable his concentration become better and longer, and help improve his memory skills and imagination.

To carry on with technological advancements, CMA as a leading mental arithmetic educational institution employs multimedia-teaching techniques plus audio visual aids.

CMA also provides a unique learning environment – complete state-of-the-art classrooms, where each student learns at his own pace with well-thought-of teaching materials that will suit every child’s current needs as well as his progress.

The hands-on teaching method encourages interaction and a cooperative learning environment that holds the interest of the students while being taught the basics of arithmetic.

CMA’s foundation is established on a solid and comprehensive mental arithmetic training curriculum that highlights:

• Two-Hand Training: creating total-brain development

• Relaxation Exercise: training concentration skills

• Speed Training: training students acquire finely tuned responses when dealing with numbers

• Response Training: training students’ in quick deductive skills.

• Listen-and-Calculate Training: training students’ hearing ability, concentration and memory

• See-and-Calculate Training: training students’ patience, imaginative ability and fast calculations.

Find out how CMA’s extraordinary method in abacus training continues to be an avant-garde approach in teaching mental arithmetic today. Sign up your child for trial class now.