Brain Development

It has been notably said that the logical and analytical left side of the brain is the dominant brain used by most people. There’s really nothing harmful about that notion except this – the creative right side of the brain is sadly being left out. The ideal scenario should be the whole brain is being used and developed.

In CMA, when your child learns abacus training, both sides of his brain are stimulated and used. This unique method has made the CMA program a successful tool in enhancing total brain development.

Brain development reaches its zenith during childhood. It is a time when the brain works like a sponge – it absorbs everything it is being fed. During this stage, there’s plenty of room to grow, to learn novel things and to acquire new skills. It is at this point in your child’s life, where he is best exposed to new learnings – studying a new language, becoming skilled at playing a musical instrument, learning a new sport, and perhaps gaining knowledge of the abacus.

Mental arithmetic with abacus training as its foundation is believed to be an effective brain stimulant that promotes the use of both sides of the brain. During abacus training, your child’s brain can achieve a balanced growth. Imagine, having a larger leg than the other. It’s not going to be easy to walk, isn’t it? Now, imagine how the inside of the brain looks like when it’s imbalanced. Or better yet, imagine how it functions when it’s not balanced.

Contemporary researches have shown that the method used in CMA for mental and abacus calculation is effective in the development of the right brain. Advancement in high-tech machinery has helped provide actual and solid research data. Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor at Shinshu University, College of Education and author of the book, The Ripple Effects and the Future Prospects of Abacus Learning, has provided extensive research regarding the effects of abacus training. Ms. Amaiwa discovered that abacus training not only improves the ability to calculate mentally but also provides an advantageous ripple effect on other disciplines. Many more researches have substantiated the conclusions of Ms. Amaiwa.

If both sides of your child’s brain are used simultaneously, this will lead to the total development of his brain. Not just the development of one dominant side. This is why mental arithmetic through CMA abacus training is not just a tool that aids your children improve their math grades.

It means so much more than improving math skills.

What does it mean when your child achieves total brain development during abacus training in CMA?

It means, your child can listen and comprehend better, he will have a keener sense of visualization and imagination, he can memorize details better, he can work on math equations faster and with more accuracy, he will have improved concentration, he can process information and tackle problems more effectively and he will be more creative in solving problems.

All that and much, much more!