Career Opportunity

Join the CMA work force and enjoy a fresh challenge that is guaranteed to give you high levels of satisfaction.

Are you intellectually curious? Do you despise stagnation? Do you have a desirable passion for motivating children to learn? Do you want to create an impact in the lives of the next generation? Do you believe that every student can soar above any thought up and imagined limit? Do you want to see that and make that happen?

If you think outside the box, and you hold a strong sense of fun – leading your students to jump outside the classroom walls (figuratively of course…) If you are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the students including colleagues, parents and the community… If you possess strong core principles and excited to learn new things…If you want to celebrate the success of every student, help those who are struggling, inspire the people around you…

If you answered YES, then take your happy bar one notch higher and be a CMA teacher. Consider a happy teaching career in a CMA mental arithmetic center. Step up and make a difference in a child’s life.