Kindy Program

Is your child between three and four and a half years old? CMA’s Kindy Course is best for your child.

Kindy Course Overview

Kindy Course is designed to build the right foundation for children who intends to join CMA’s Kinder and Primary programs. This course promises a stress-free and fun-filled environment that is abundant with positive affirmation to boost children’s confidence in their abacus calculation and mental arithmetic skills. Kindy Course Objective The Kindy Program aims to:

  • Help children understand number concepts from 0-9 and develop their number writing ability
  • Develop the children’s creativity and visualization abilities through imaging exercises and fun activities
  • Train the children with the correct finger movements for abacus mental arithmetic

At the end of this course, children are expected to:

  • Show understanding of the number concepts from 0 to 9
  • Manifest improved writing ability
  • Manipulate the abacus with correct finger movements