CMA Founder

Master Tai Chiang Ching

As a wee little boy, Master Tai Chiang Ching showed a spirited passion for math and numbers. While other boys his age played with slingshots and rubber wheels, imagine the young Master Tai fiddling with the abacus. Needless to say, the young Master Tai was a whiz in the abacus and mental arithmetic.

Surprisingly, when he grew up, Master Tai joined the army. However, after retiring from military service, he went back to his first love – the abacus. He spent a great deal of his time studying the abacus and mental arithmetic. It was during this moment in his life when he discovered the many wonderful benefits of learning the abacus. Master Tai’s love for abacus learning has given him a strong fervor in teaching and inspiring others. He desired to pass on this passion to others too. He wanted to share the many benefits of learning the abacus to the world. In 1984, Master Tai set up the very first CMA Institute in Taiwan. That same year, he joined the ranks of the committee of the Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation in Taiwan.In 1991, Master Tai was awarded the honor of being the World’s Best Mental Arithmetic Trainer – an accolade bestowed to teachers who have made distinguished and longterm contributions in educating young minds. Two of his awe-inspiring students, Lin Zi Yin, and Su Wan Ting have pulled off exceptional victories in abacus competitions. Under Master Tai’s mentoring, both students became World Champions in Mental Arithmetic Competition and achieved the highest attainment of grades in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic examinations. For more than a quarter of a century, Master Tai has been researching and experimenting with several methods to improve abacus calculations until he has perfected the traditional method of the single-hand abacus arithmetic calculation. Later on, he developed the new two-hand four-finger method of learning the abacus – this method is extensively used in CMA Institutes all over the world today. This method is what gives the CMA system a cut above the rest. With this new technique, the use of two hands in manipulating the abacus synchronizes the students’ right and left sides of the brain. Today, Master Tai is the president of Yu-Ming Publishing Company – this is Taiwan’s largest publisher of abacus mental arithmetic books. Master Tai has also authored and published more than 200 arithmetic books, including CDs and VCDs regarding abacus mental arithmetic.