Parents Testimonials

CMA’s unique method of teaching mental arithmetic and abacus training can do more than just improve your child’s math skills. CMA is about the whole kit and caboodle of total brain development. Performing math equations with high accuracy in a jiffy is just 25% of the whole package; 75% goes to your child’s total brain development.

By learning math in the CMA way, your child will be able to stimulate all his senses – sight, hearing, feeling, and touch – and eventually achieve total brain development. CMA’s see-and-calculate, listen-and-calculate, bead manipulation, and abacus visualization are only some of the activities being used to teach children mental arithmetic and abacus calculation. Learning math in the CMA will not only help your child achieve total brain development but also give your child keener senses.

Aside from keener sense of sight, hearing, feeling, and imagination, your child will also:

  • • Develop better concentration and absorption: say goodbye to short attention spans.
  • • Enhance analytic and logical skills: watch out for those critical thinking questions.
  • • Become more creative: check out his drawings, art crafts, and made-up stories because he could be the next Picasso or Charles Dickens!
  • • Improve memory power: he just might get a perfect scores in every enumeration exam or even memorize Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5!
  • • Manifest faster reflexes: with the constant manipulation of beads, who wouldn’t?
  • • Gain sharper observation capabilities: he might start explaining how extremely ordinary things work.
  • • Comprehend better: he might be able to decode one of our times most difficult riddles.

Now, we’re not done yet. The benefits go far beyond the aforementioned skills. More importantly, your child will learn values that he can carry with him for the rest of his life –patience, endurance, independence, and more importantly, through the hard knocks but fun method of abacus training and mental arithmetic at CMA your child will acquire a healthy sense of self-confidence. A confidence that stems from a happy child whose brain is properly nourished and developed with proper stimuli in a happy learning environment.

In CMA, a smile is not hard to come by because in CMA, every child is truly happy.