Ideal Age to Learn

When is the best time for a child to start learning CMA abacus training and mental arithmetic? The human brain is super active between the ages of four to ten years old. When the child is six or seven years old, the brain cells are dynamically learning. Most children start the CMA program between ages six to 10 years old. But some children start at four years of age.

However, when a child is over 10 years old, half the connections in the brain are believed to have died off, leaving about 500 trillion or so that remain constant through most of a person’s life span. Children over 10 years old may have a steeper learning curve compared to younger children. He may experience more difficulty learning the system before he gets to experience the full benefits of the CMA program. However, this should not discourage you if your child is already 10 years and is still interested in CMA. It just means he will have to work harder compared to his younger classmates.

On the other hand, the best period to start the CMA program is when a child starts writing numbers from 0 to 9. Children who are in between kindergarten and Grade One or Two have the best learning and absorbing brainpower. That’s roughly between four to seven years of age. This is the best time to nurture your child’s brain. This is also the critical stage when a child starts to grab hold of mathematical concepts like one to one correspondence and the idea of addition and subtraction. This is also a stage when the child’s schoolwork is light and easy. Parents should get hold of this opportunity to enroll their child to the CMA program. Learning abacus training and mental arithmetic at this stage will provide fundamental training in math and calculating concepts. This will then build a stronger foundation for their future education.

Perhaps, the information below will further help you decide when is the best time to let your child start CMA abacus training and mental arithmetic.

Stages of Brain Development

At three years old, your child’s brain would have expected to grow up to 60%. Your child has the strongest absorbing power at this age.

Between three to six years old, your child’s brain has grown a further 20%. The learning and absorbing power may not as strong as a three-year-old. But your child will gain surprising results if he is provided with more fundamental learnings.

After ten years old, at this age, it is rather difficult for the child to learn the system. He has to work harder and be more disciplined.

CMA offers a wide range of mental arithmetic education learning and development programs for children of different ages from 4 to 13 years old. However, CMA also offers adult classes from 14 to 100 years old. Don’t let age dishearten your interest in learning CMA. If you’re willing to work harder and invest more in time, then learning CMA shouldn’t be a problem despite your age.