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Age: 2.5 - 4 years old
CMA wants to share to the Filipino parents and students the best educational supplement for Math. However, CMA does not only improve your child’s Math’s skills, it is all about Total Brain Development plus more!
I believe CMA is the best educational foundation Filipino students need. Children with outstanding abilities can be made. I invite you to join us in our exciting journey in creating great minds and developing future leaders of our nation, one child at a time.
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Kiddle: The Answer to Worry-Free Kids Browsing
Google is now foundy used as a verb. When someone wants to find information on something, he or she is told to “Google” it.
Making Your Home Pet-Friendly
Pets can be an integral part of a home and if a family has decided to take one into the family, it is important that the house is also created suitable for a pet. It involves making small changes or compromises to the house décor.
The Baby Trend of Cloth Diapers
In the Philippine baby fashion world, cloth diapers are trending. Thousands of Filipino mothers are choosing the reusable and washable diapers for their kids over the traditional ones. Fluffy Pwets, a local company, is responsible for revolutionizing the trend of cloth diapers to provide a healthier, economical and more fashionable option for babies.
Let’s Play Math in CMA!
A classical tool that CMA uses to turn Math into a fun and exciting game play.
Abacus Boosts Creativity
We use an Image Abacus, a tool that utilizes the creative right brain to increase cognitive performance – including creativity.