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Age: 2.5 - 4 years old
CMA wants to share to the Filipino parents and students the best educational supplement for Math. However, CMA does not only improve your child’s Math’s skills, it is all about Total Brain Development plus more!
I believe CMA is the best educational foundation Filipino students need. Children with outstanding abilities can be made. I invite you to join us in our exciting journey in creating great minds and developing future leaders of our nation, one child at a time.
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The Relationship Between Allergies and Chores
Who really likes doing the dishes? No one really does but apparently, this seemingly mundane household chore might just do wonders for our health.
Rebuilding: How to Survive After a Tragedy
The Philippines is a tropical country of more than 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Even though it is rich in natural resources and beauty, it is also one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters. In October 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the country but the nation did not find it unusual. In a country where there is an average of 20 typhoons per year that enter the area, the people have quite gotten used to dealing with the aftermath of disasters. Due to global climate change, these typhoons have become more unpredictable and more frequent over time.
Largest Dinosaur Footprint Discovered
In August of 2016, researchers from Mongolia and Jap discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The print measured 3.6 feet long and 6.4 feet wide. It is believed to be the footprint of a titanosaur, which is a diverse specie of sauropod dinosaurs who lived during the Cretaceous period – 70 to 90 million years ago.
IQ Tests: A Good Measure of Success?
Intelligence quotient, more popularly known as IQ, is the measurement of a person’s reasoning ability. It is supposed to be able to gauge how well someone can use and absorb information and logic to answer questions or make theories and predictions. The way this is done is through IQ tests.
Graduation Rates Rise in the US
In the United States, graduating from high school is already a big deal. On average, students already give 12 years of their lives earning a diploma. It's a grueling task for most for a variety of reasons. Recently, however, the call to celebrate graduations have gotten stronger as TIME magazine revealed that the number of high school students graduating have dramatically increased.